Fire Protection when you need it

Do you have Fire Protection on your list of things to do, and yet haven't done it yet?  Because you might leave it too Late!  Our Knight Errant can come and help you right away so call him in and get your fire protection sorted - just 'phone the numbers on the left.

When you are in trouble


Our Knight Errant in fire protection is ready to help you at the time you  most need him.

We will set you up with all your fire protection needs and then be on hand if the worst happens

Why have fire protection?


In practically every workplace it is a legal obligation to provide a means of fighting fire and to ensure adequate maintenance. This requirement may even be imposed by an insurance company as a condition of insurance for your business.

The presence of fixed fire fighting equipment installed to deal with special fire risks in certain premises does not negate the need for portable fire equipment to deal with small fires as they start.

Key Points

Fire Protection

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